Ganguly P. "Religious beliefs of the Negritos of Little Andaman" // The Eastern Anthgropologist, Vol. XIV, No.3, 1961 — pp.243-248 (1534)

Religious beliefs of the Negritos of Little Andaman

In this pioneering paper Pranab Ganguly described the cognition of the Onges of Andaman islands about their supernatural world in vivid details. The ethnography emerged out of Ganguly’s painstaking field work during 1953-1957 and he stayed among the hunting-gathering tribe for about eight months in total, learned their language without an interpreter and observed the everyday life of this little community. This short paper of only six pages on a difficult subject is remarkable for its clarity and density of ethnographic details through which the author finally reached a conclusion having wider significance.

Название периодического издания
The Eastern Anthgropologist
Номер периодического издания
Vol. XIV, No.3, sept.-dec. 1961
Год издания
Статьи с использованием данного источника


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