Georgian Folk Traditions and Legends — Tbilisi: Artanuji Publishing, 2018 (1566)

Georgian Folk Traditions and Legends

The presented book is about the Georgian folk traditions and legends and brings to light treasures of rich oral traditions of the country, almost unknown in the west.

Georgia is part of an ancient civilization. According to Georgian historical chronicles, King Parnavaz I established the first eastern Georgian state – the kingdom of Kartli in about the 4th century BC and created the Georgian alphabet. Georgians were converted to Christianity in 337 AD. The oldest Georgian writings that reached the present day are dated to the 5th century. Situated at the juncture of Europe and Asia and being one of the most invaded country on earth, it has managed to preserve its original culture up to today. The country is particularly noted for its unique and diverse sights, historical monuments, folklore and traditions.

Английский перевод книги "Грузинские народные предания и легенды".

Место издания
Год издания
Artanuji Publishing
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Культурно-географическая классификация существ: Культурна-геаграфічная класіфікацыя істот: Kulturalno-geograficzna klasyfikacja istot: Культурно-географічна класифікація істот: Cultural and geographical classification of creatures:


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