Javier Prado "Iberian Monsters: Spanish ogres and bogeymen" — Málaga: Maldragon Editorial, 2023 (1657)

Iberian Monsters: Spanish ogres and bogeymen

Ogres of ceaseless hunger. Phantasmagorias that swarm the night sky. Bloodthirsty vampire-witch hybrids. Perfidious river and well wraiths. Corpses rising up from the grave. Historical figures turned into monsters. These where some of the Spanish folkloric characters that used to frighten the children yesteryear. Creatures mostly forgotten that, even today, do not cease to equally scare and wonder us.

These beings have names as sonorous and ancient as the Paparresolla (“the gobbler”), the Cortador (“the butcher”), the Caçamentides (“the lie hunter), the Pantaruja (“the raggedgheist”) or the caballo sin cabeza (the headless horse). Some others are more known culturally wise in Spain, such as the Sacamantecas (“the lard taker”) and the Hombre del saco (the boogeyman). These and many more are detailed in this eerie bestiary, a book with more than 60 illustrated entries that will guide you through the darkest recesses of the Spanish folklore.

You will be introduced to dozens of creatures thanks to Javier Prado’s artwork and a complete description of their shape and origins. This compendium proves that Spanish mythology is as rich and vast as that of anywhere else in the world, and now it is time to dive in.

Место издания
Год издания
Maldragon Editorial
8412707249, 978-8412707243

Культурно-географическая классификация существ: Культурна-геаграфічная класіфікацыя істот: Kulturalno-geograficzna klasyfikacja istot: Культурно-географічна класифікація істот: Cultural and geographical classification of creatures:


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