Monika Kropej "Supernatural Beings from Slovenian Myth and Folktales" — Ljubljana: Inštitut za slovensko narodopisje ZRC SAZU, 2012 (1672)

Supernatural Beings from Slovenian Myth and Folktales

"Supernatural Beings from Slovenian Myth and Folktales" (Сверхъестественные существа из словенских мифов и легенд) — фундаментальный труд по теме низшей мифологии Словении, англоязычное издание книги Моники Кропей "Od Ajda do Zlatoroga: Slovenska bajeslovna bitja".

Focusing on Slovenian mythology the book contains a review of Slovenian mythological, historical, and narrative material. Over 150 supernatural beings are presented, both lexically and according to the role that they have in Slovenian folklore. They are classified by type, characteristic, features, and by the message conveyed in their motifs and contents. The material has been analysed in the context of European and some non-European mythological concepts, and the author deals with theory and interpretations as well as the conclusions of domestic and foreign researchers. The book forms new starting points and a classification of supernatural beings within a frame of a number of sources, some of which have been published for the first time in this book.

Место издания
Год издания
Inštitut za slovensko narodopisje ZRC SAZU
Название серии
Studia mythologica Slavica — Supplementa
Статьи с использованием данного источника

Культурно-географическая классификация существ: Культурна-геаграфічная класіфікацыя істот: Kulturalno-geograficzna klasyfikacja istot: Культурно-географічна класифікація істот: Cultural and geographical classification of creatures:


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