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Welcome to New Bestiary, the encyclopedia of imaginary beings. The word ‘bestiary’ itself comes from Middle Ages. Bestiaries were compendiums of beasts many of which never really existed.

Today there are many modern bestiaries such as Jorge Luis Borges’s Book of Imaginary Beings and many others. Our goal is to create online encyclopedia of ancient and modern imaginary beings based on reliable sources. The major part of New Bestiary is Russian only for the time being. The list of articles in English can be found here.

We are fully aware that such ultimate mission is impossible but we’re trying our best and welcome you to join our journey.

Map of imaginary beings

Map for bestiary tourists, indicating places where we can meet mythological creatures, or at least monuments to them :)

Recent articles

According to Philippine folklore, female centaurs with a single horn in the middle of their forehead just like a unicorn
Article by: KOT; 10-27-2017 / 05-06-2021 at 07:14
Visits: 7913; without comments
According to Japanese folklore, short and stumpy snake-like yōkai
Article by: Matthew Meyer (en), Алкэ (ru); 05-02-2021 / 05-02-2021 at 11:05
Visits: 496; without comments
According to local legends of central England, a cannibal hag with a blue face and iron claws supposed to live in a cave in Leicestershire
Article by: KOT; 03-19-2016 / 04-16-2021 at 09:58
Visits: 10658; comments: 1, last — korg, 08-14-2017 at 01:44
A variety of fairies from Suffolk, the closest relatives of Hyter-Sprites
Article by: KOT; 03-21-2016 / 04-14-2021 at 10:22
Visits: 4631; comments: 1, last — korg, 05-15-2017 at 01:54
A legendary beast of India which has lions body, triple row of teeth, human face and appetite for human flesh
Article by: linyok, KOT; 12-02-2008 / 04-14-2021 at 09:17
Visits: 58006; comments: 34, last — korg, 12-26-2017 at 09:46
Tiny good elves from Welsh folklore
Article by: KOT; 11-14-2016 / 04-14-2021 at 02:18
Visits: 5893; comments: 1, last — korg, 05-15-2017 at 05:31

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ПерсоналииКраинский, Николай Васильевич 025.04.2021
ИсточникБолонев Ф.Ф. "Народный календарь семейских Забайкалья (вторая половина XIX — начало XX в.)" — Новосибирск: Наука, 1978 (1543) 025.04.2021
ПерсоналииБолонев, Фирс Федосович 025.04.2021
ИсточникВысоцкий Н.Ф. "Очерки нашей народной медицины" — М.: Имп. Московскій археологическій ин-т, 1911 (1542) 025.04.2021
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