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Welcome to New Bestiary, the encyclopedia of imaginary beings. The word ‘bestiary’ itself comes from Middle Ages. Bestiaries were compendiums of beasts many of which never really existed.

Today there are many modern bestiaries such as Jorge Luis Borges’s Book of Imaginary Beings and many others. Our goal is to create online encyclopedia of ancient and modern imaginary beings based on reliable sources. The major part of New Bestiary is Russian only for the time being. The list of articles in English can be found here.

We are fully aware that such ultimate mission is impossible but we’re trying our best and welcome you to join our journey.

Map of imaginary beings

Map for bestiary tourists, indicating places where we can meet mythological creatures, or at least monuments to them :)

Recent articles

An animal with the body of lion and the head of a bird which is thought to be found in Scythia
Article by: linyok; 07-24-2008 / 08-04-2020 at 11:59
Visits: 104188; comments: 98, last — korg, 05-25-2017 at 05:59
According to Japanese and Ainu beliefs, an enormous sea cucumber which lives deep in Uchiura Bay in Hokkaido
Article by: Matthew Meyer (en), Алкэ (ru); 07-24-2020 / 07-24-2020 at 08:49
Visits: 430; without comments
A fictional fearsome critter of North America, described as a mouthless alligator extremely dangerous for lumberjacks
Article by: Алкэ; 07-10-2020 / 07-16-2020 at 10:15
Visits: 505; without comments
Chinese mythical creature from ancient text of Shan-hai Ching, a rat with a turtle’s head
Article by: KOT; 07-14-2020 / 07-14-2020 at 01:35
Visits: 469; without comments
A fictional fearsome critter of North America described as a short, stubby, rather small animal resembling a Woodchuck, scaring people
Article by: Алкэ; 07-27-2019 / 07-10-2020 at 10:56
Visits: 726; without comments
A perfect but localized form of a bogy or bogey-beast from County Durham in North East England
Article by: KOT; 12-29-2008 / 06-26-2020 at 12:09
Visits: 14116; comments: 1, last — korg, 05-05-2017 at 11:58

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ИсточникПетров Н.В., Архипова А.С., Морони Э. "Едет Иисус Христос на карете: из итальянского фольклора" // Живая старина. 2019, №1 — с.14-15 (1470) 021.07.2020
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