Сборники сказок Рут Мэннинг-Сэндерс (Ruth Manning-Sanders)

A Book of Giants (1962)

  • Джек и бобовый стебель (Jack and the Beanstalk). Английская сказка
  • The Giant and the Dwarf (Georgia)
  • Fin M'Coul and Cucullin (Ireland)
  • Sneezy Snatcher and Sammy Small (Cornwall)
  • Hans, the Horn, and the Magic Sword (Jutland)
  • Джек — победитель великанов (Jack the Giant-Killer). Корнуэльская сказка
  • — Jack and the Giant Cormoran
  • — Jack and the Giant Tantarem
  • — Jack and the Welsh Giant
  • — Jack, the King of England's Son, and the Giant with Three Heads
  • — Jack and the Giant Thunderdell
  • — Jack, the Giant Galligantua, and the Enchanter
  • King Johnny (Slavic)
  • Conall Yellowclaw (Ireland and Scotland)
  • The Giant in the Cave (Ireland and Scotland)
  • Храбрый портняжка (Das tapfere Schneiderlein). Немецкая сказка из собрания братьев Гримм, перевод с немецкого под редакцией П.Н.Полевого
  • Великан без сердца (The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body). Норвежская сказка из собрания П.К.Асбьёрнсена и Й.Му
  • Чёрт с тремя золотыми волосками (Der Teufel mit den drei goldenen Haaren, The Three Golden Hairs of the King of the Cave Giants). Немецкая сказка из собрания братьев Гримм, перевод с немецкого под редакцией П.Н.Полевого
  • Prince Loaf (Romania)

A Book of Dwarfs (1963)

  • Knurremurre (Zeeland)
  • Freddy and his Fiddle (Norway)
  • Белоснежка (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Schneewittchen). Немецкая сказка из собрания братьев Гримм
  • The Field of Ragwort (Ireland)
  • Thumbkin (Germany)
  • The Girl Who Picked Strawberries (Germany)
  • Little Mukra (Arabia)
  • Bottle Hill (Ireland)
  • The Skipper and the Dwarfs (Jutland)
  • Три лесных гнома (The Three Little Men in the Wood, Die drei Männleim im Walde). Немецкая сказка из собрания братьев Гримм, перевод с немецкого Б.Д.Порозовской
  • The Hazel-Nut Child (Bukovina)
  • The Silver Bell (Rügen)
  • The Adventures of Billy McDaniel (Ireland)
  • Timimoto (Japan)
  • The Cobbler and the Dwarfs (Germany)
  • The Story of Maia (Denmark)
  • Fir Cones (Germany)

A Book of Dragons (1964)

  • Constantes and the Dragon (Greece)
  • Chien Tang (China)
  • Stan Bolovan (Romania)
  • My Lord Bag of Rice (Japan)
  • The Nine Doves (Greece)
  • The Yellow Dragon (China)
  • Pepito (Greece)
  • Yanni (Macedonia)
  • The Dragon and His Grandmother (Germany)
  • The Thirteenth Son of the King of Erin (Ireland)
  • Baskets in a Little Cart (China)
  • The Prince with the Golden Hand (Slav)
  • The Three Dogs (Germany)
  • The Dragon of the Well (Greece)

A Book of Witches (1965)

  • The Old Witch (England)
  • Рапунцель (Rapunzel). Немецкая сказка из собрания братьев Гримм, перевод с немецкого И.А.Полевого
  • Ленивый Гейнц (Der faule Heinz, Lazy Hans). Немецкая сказка из собрания братьев Гримм, перевод с немецкого П.Н.Полевого
  • The Twins and the Snarling Witch (Russia)
  • Esben and the Witch (Denmark)
  • Прунелла. Итальянская сказка
  • Осел-оборотень (The Donkey Cabbage, Der Krautesel). Немецкая сказка из собрания братьев Гримм, перевод с немецкого П.Н.Полевого
  • Гензель и Гретель (Hansel and Gretel, Hänsel und Gretel). Немецкая сказка из собрания братьев Гримм, перевод с немецкого П.Н.Полевого
  • Tatterhood (Lurvehette). Норвежская сказка из собрания П.К.Асбьёрнсена и Й.Му
  • The White Dove (Denmark)
  • Johnny and the Witch Maidens (Bohemia)
  • The Blackstairs Mountains (Ireland)

A Book of Wizards (1966)

  • The Two Wizards (Africa)
  • Аладдин и волшебная лампа. Арабская сказка из собрания "Тысяча и одна ночь", пересказ М.А.Салье
  • Long, Broad and Sharpsight (Bohemia)
  • Rich Woman, Poor Woman (Flanders)
  • The Silver Penny (Hungary)
  • Cannetella (Italy)
  • Мастер Ветробород (Bonde Værskjegg, Farmer Weathersky). Норвежская сказка из собрания П.К.Асбьёрнсена и Й.Му, перевод с английского А.Веркина
  • Король Коята (Kojata). Славянская сказка
  • Aniello (Sicily)
  • Gold (Tyrol)
  • Jack and the Wizard (Wales)

A Book of Mermaids (1967)

  • Sven and Lilli (Denmark)
  • The Lost Prince (Iceland)
  • The Three Mermaids (Italy)
  • Rake Up! (Denmark)
  • The Kingdom of Ocean (India)
  • Margrette (Breton)
  • Long John and the Mermaid (America)
  • The Magical Tune (Ireland)
  • The Comb, the Flute and the Spinning Wheel (the north of Germany)
  • The Magic Lake (Ireland)
  • The Untidy Mermaid (Scotland)
  • Груагах с острова Лок (The Groac'h of the Isle of Lok, La Groac'h de l'Île du Lok). Бретонская сказка из собрания "Le Foyer breton" Эмиля Сувестра
  • The Geese and the Golden Chain (Portugal)
  • Merman Rosmer (Scotland)
  • The Lake Maiden (Wales)
  • The Four Abdallahs (Arabia)

A Book of Ghosts and Goblins (1968)

  • Hans and His Master (Hungary)
  • A Box on the Ear (Mallorca)
  • The Goblins at the Bath House (Esthonia)
  • Golden Hair (Corsica)
  • Bring me a Light (Spain)
  • The Cook and the House Goblin (Estonia)
  • The Skull (Tyrol)
  • The Tailor in the Church (Scotland)
  • Pappa Greatnose (France)
  • The Golden Ball (England)
  • The Strange Adventure of Paddy O'Toole (Ireland)
  • Little Jip (England)
  • Всадник без головы (The Headless Horseman). Ирландская легенда
  • The Ring (Spain)
  • Water Drops (Estonia)
  • The Maiden Suvarna (Siberia)
  • The Beauty and Her Gallant (France)
  • The Kindly Ghost (Africa)
  • The Three Silver Balls (Italy)
  • The Good Woman (Ireland)
  • The Leg of Gold (France)

A Book of Princes and Princesses (1969)

A Book of Devils and Demons (1970)

  • Tripple-Trapple (Denmark)
  • The Demon’s Daughter (Transylvania)
  • Something Wonderful (Finland)
  • Jack at Hell Gate (Hungary)
  • The Monkey Nursemaid (India)
  • Ironhead (Hungary)
  • The Peppercorn Oxen (Hungary)
  • The Blacksmith and the Devil (Gascony)
  • The Kittel-Kittel Car (Alsace)
  • A Ride to Hell (Denmark)
  • The Little Red Mannikin (Carpathian Mountains)
  • The Hill Demon (Norway)

A Book of Charms and Changelings (1971)

  • The Magic Bridle (Bosnian)
  • Chief-Nang (Chinese)
  • The Enchanted Wine Jug (Korean)
  • The Flute Player (Finnish)
  • The Dwarf with the Long Beard (Slavic)
  • The Hat (Esthonia)
  • Fedor and the Fairy (Gypsy)
  • Pancakes and Pies (Russian)
  • The Forty Goats (Valley of the Nile)
  • The Ogre, The Sun, and the Raven (North American Indian)
  • Peppi (Sicilian)
  • The Sun Mother (Transylvanian)
  • The White Lamb (Brittany)
  • Rubizal (Silesian)
  • Tredrill (Cornish)

A Book of Ogres and Trolls (1972)

  • The Good Ogre (Russia)
  • Tritil, Litil, and the Birds (Ireland)
  • The Ogre's Breath (Sicily)
  • The Gold Knob (Iceland)
  • The Children on the Pillar (Russia)
  • Sigurd the King's Son (Iceland)
  • The Girl in the Basket (Italy)
  • Cow Bu-cola (Iceland)
  • The Green Bird (Sicily)
  • Jon and the Troll Wife (Iceland)
  • The Little Tailor and the Three Dogs (Germany)
  • Дочь тролля (Дочь колдуна, The Troll's Little Daughter). Датская сказка, перевод Л.Брауде
  • Nils in the Forest (Denmark)

A Book of Sorcerers and Spells (1973)

  • Go I Know Not Whither and Fetch I Know Not What (Russia)
  • The Sleeper (Ireland)
  • Manikin Spanalong (Germany)
  • The Foam Maiden (Gypsy)
  • The Palace of the Seven Little Hills (Ireland)
  • The Great Bear of Orange (Ireland)
  • Oda and the Snake (Austria)
  • The Three Ivans (Russia)
  • Foni and Fotia (Sudan)
  • Sorcerer Kaldoon (Transylvania)
  • The Magic Monkeys (Italy)
  • The Mossy Rock (North Africa)

A Book of Magic Animals (1974)

  • The North-west Wind (Brittany)
  • Конек-горбунок (The Little Humpbacked Horse). Русская сказка в пересказе Петра Ершова
  • Mainu the Frog (Africa)
  • Lilla Rosa (Sweden)
  • Eh! Eh! Tralala! (Russia)
  • The small-tooth Dog (England)
  • The Dolphin (Mallorca)
  • Little Barbette (Brittany)
  • Jon and his Brothers (French Canada)
  • Bull’s Winter House (Russia)
  • Elsa and the Bear (Germany)

A Book of Monsters (1975)

  • Убыр (Ubir). Татарская сказка. Siblings are constantly pursued by a huge, ravenous she-monster
  • Monster Copper Forehead (South Russia). A promise-breaking mother and father see their offspring snatched by the bullet-deflecting-headed ogre
  • The Golden Valley (Sicily). A royal power battle ensues when a monster tests the Princely claim to his land with a series of almost impossible riddles
  • Lu-Bo-Bo (West Africa). A story which does have its roots in legend – grumbling stomachs lead to explosive consequences
  • Prince Lindworm (Sweden). Borderline perverse story where a beautiful Princess and a vile lizardy beast challenge each other to ‘shed layers’ until one of them is left with nothing at all
  • The Monster in the Mill (Macedonia). A dog, a cat…a little cock. And a monster.
  • Dunber (Bohemia). A bear-headed monster may not be quite as bad as first appears
  • The Story of the Three Young Shepherds (Transylvania). Porridge and mayhem in a country that already had its local issues.
  • The Great Galloping Wolf (Russia). A talking wolf torments a woodcutter (an occupation which seems to attract bad news)
  • The Seven Monsters (Africa). Namely, Monsters Slobber, Snaggle Tooth, Goggle Eyes, Dish Face, Blue Nose, Short Shanks and Yellow Belly.
  • The Singing Leaves (Tyrol). The leaves weren’t the problem – ‘a monster so hideous that nothing more hideous has ever been seen on earth’, was.
  • Pentalina (Macedonia). Monster Horisto, a dragon/wolf hybrid clearly points the finger at Macedonian authorities doing little to sort out the nation’s monster issues.

A Book of Enchantments and Curses (1976)

A Book of Kings and Queens (1977)

A Book of Marvels and Magic (1978)

A Book of Spooks and Spectres (1979)

A Book of Cats and Creatures (1981)

A Book of Heroes and Heroines (1982)

A Book of Magic Adventures (1983)

A Book of Magic Horses (1984)

  • The Dapple Horse (France)
  • Rubizal's Black Horse (Bohemia)
  • Beedul-a-bup! (Jamaica)
  • The Adventures of Gregor (Poland)
  • — The Fisherman and the Devil
  • — The Hut in the Desert
  • — The White Horse
  • Whoa-ho! (Russia)
  • The Straw Horse (Russia)
  • The Princess in the Iron Tower (Bohemia)
  • — How Baldwin Found the Princess
  • — Baldwin Meets Ismainy the Sorceress
  • — Baldwin Frees the Princess
  • — Ismainy's Last Trick
  • Malegy's Palfrey (Netherlands)
  • What Came of Quarreling (Africa)
  • Franz the Garden Boy (Denmark)
  • — The White Mare
  • — The Princess
  • Master Billy (Cornwall)
  • Monster Grabber and the King's Daughter (Latvia)
  • — The Requiem
  • — Monster Grabber
  • — The King's Daughter
  • The New Horse (Schleswig Holstein)
  • The Beauty of the Golden Star (Sicily)
  • How Jack Made His Fortune (Cornwall)
  • Wits But No Money (Russia)


A Book of Magical Beasts (1970, published by T.Nelson and illustrated by Raymond Briggs)

A Choice of Magic (1971, переиздание)

  • The Wonderful Shirt (Russia)*
  • The Frog (Ukraine)
  • Джек и бобовый стебель (Jack and the Beanstalk). Английская сказка
  • Knurremurre (Zeeland)
  • Bottle Hill (Ireland)
  • The Nine Doves (Greece)
  • The Goblins at the Bath House (Esthonia)
  • Johnny and the Witch-Maidens (Bohemia)
  • Sven and Lilli (Denmark)
  • Aniello (Sicily)
  • Аладдин и волшебная лампа. Арабская сказка из собрания "Тысяча и одна ночь", пересказ М.А.Салье
  • Essen and the Witch (Denmark)
  • Sneezy Snatcher and Sammy Small (England)
  • Mons Tro (Denmark)*
  • Rake Up! (Denmark)
  • King Johnny (Slavonia)
  • The Enchanted Prince (Hungary)
  • The Adventures of Billy MacDaniel (Ireland)
  • Little Hiram (India)*
  • Prince Loaf (Rumania)
  • Hans and his Master (Hungary)
  • Golden Hair (Corsica)
  • Constantes and the Dragon (Greece)
  • Tatterhood (Norway)
  • The Princess’s Slippers (Archangel)
  • Jack and the Wizard (Wales)
  • The Two Wizards (Africa)
  • The Three Mermaids (Italy)
  • The Girl Who Picked Strawberries (Germany)
  • The Magic Lake (Ireland)
  • Верлиока (Old Verlooka). Украинская народная сказка из собрания Александра Николаевича Афанасьева
  • Stan Bolovan (Rumania)


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