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Welcome to New Bestiary, the encyclopedia of imaginary beings. The word ‘bestiary’ itself comes from Middle Ages. Bestiaries were compendiums of beasts many of which never really existed.

Today there are many modern bestiaries such as Jorge Luis Borges’s Book of Imaginary Beings and many others. Our goal is to create online encyclopedia of ancient and modern imaginary beings based on reliable sources. The major part of New Bestiary is Russian only for the time being. The list of articles in English can be found here.

We are fully aware that such ultimate mission is impossible but we’re trying our best and welcome you to join our journey.

Map of imaginary beings

Map for bestiary tourists, indicating places where we can meet mythological creatures, or at least monuments to them :)

Recent articles

In the demonology of the Tagbanua people of the Philippines, a hornless, shaggy cow with a monstrous mouth and tusklike incisors
Article by: KOT; 04-06-2020 / 04-06-2020 at 12:03
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In the belarusian folklore ghostly harbinger of death, woman with alluring figure of young maiden dressed in white like for a wedding
Article by: KOT; 11-18-2014 / 04-02-2020 at 10:11
Visits: 11727; comments: 5, last — korg, 05-03-2017 at 05:23
A type of female ghost, typically dressed in a white dress or similar garment, reportedly seen in rural areas and associated with local legends of tragedy
Article by: KOT; 04-02-2020 / 04-02-2020 at 01:23
Visits: 160; without comments
According to Bantu mythology, a two-faced demon with human face on the front of its body and a hyena's face on the back
Article by: KOT; 04-02-2020 / 04-02-2020 at 12:17
Visits: 144; without comments
A class of monstrous dog-faced humanoids in the traditions and legends of the Native Australian people
Article by: KOT; 03-30-2020 / 04-01-2020 at 11:06
Visits: 196; without comments
In Australian Aboriginal mythology, an evil half-man, half-quoll beast that hunts and kills the innocent with his spear
Article by: KOT; 03-30-2020 / 03-30-2020 at 03:11
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Latest Stuff

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ImageЯг морт. Иллюстрация Аркадия Мошева 107.04.2020
Страница существаВаса 207.04.2020
ImageПера-богатырь и Васа. Иллюстрация Аркадия Мошева 007.04.2020
ImageОхотник и Ворса. Иллюстрация Аркадия Мошева 007.04.2020
ImageПера-богатырь и Ворса. Иллюстрация Аркадия Мошева 007.04.2020
ImageБаба Яга и Ивашка. Иллюстрация Ивана Билибина к "Сказке о трех царских дивах и об Ивашке, поповском сыне" А.С.Рославлева (1911) 007.04.2020
Страница существаЁма 107.04.2020
СказкаГундыр. Коми народная сказка 007.04.2020
Страница существаЯг морт 407.04.2020
ImageГундыр. Иллюстрация Аркадия Мошева 007.04.2020
ИсточникКоми народные сказки — Сыктывкар: Коми книжное издательство, 1975 (1445) 007.04.2020
ImageГундыр. Иллюстрация Владимира Осипова 007.04.2020
Страница существаГундыр 007.04.2020
ImageМантахунгал. Миниатюра от Яна Бальбы 006.04.2020
ImageМантахунгал. Рисунок Леандро Генистона 006.04.2020
Страница существаМантахунгал 006.04.2020
ИсточникBane Th. "Encyclopedia Of Demons In World Religions And Cultures" — Jefferson, N.C.; London: McFarland & Company, 2012 (1444) 006.04.2020
ImageТоргейров бычок. Рисунок Рустама Примова 005.04.2020
ImageФенке. Рисунок Рустама Примова 005.04.2020
Страница существаАша-бари 103.04.2020
Страница существаДегдер 203.04.2020
СказкаАша-бари (Caasha-badhi). Сомалийская сказка 003.04.2020
ImageКсенагама Тейлора (щитохвостая агама) — ящерица, встречающаяся в Сомали 003.04.2020
СказкаФай Геди и гиена-оборотень (Faay iyo qori-ismaris). Сомалийская сказка 003.04.2020
СказкаЗловредный Суль (Suul Saancaddaale). Сомалийская сказка 003.04.2020

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